Planting Blueberries


Blueberries can be planted two ways, either in a container or in a raised bed. In either case they need special soil. We prefer containers, although it may be easier for some to use a raised bed.





Use plastic or wood containers—not clay or concrete as they will leach calcium into the soil and counteract the acidic conditions you want to create. The soil mix will be a simple 50/50 peat moss and perlite. Do not cheat and use a premixed bag soil because buffers are used to sweeten the soil. The peat moss will have enough acid for your plant to survive just fine. As you mix the soil, add Dynamite 18-6-8 or a similarly numbered fertilizer. We prefer the brand Dynamite; it will perform much better than other time-released fertilizers. Mix the fertilizer into the peat moss and perlite. All you will have to do for the next 9 months is water. It's critical to keep the soil moist.


An 8”-raised bed is all that is needed. The best type of soil mix is 60% finely ground pine bark (not pine straw) and 40% peat moss. Dynamite fertilizer can be used as well, following the instructions above. When all the ingredients are mixed, you have a planting bed. Watering is not quite as crucial because the plants have contact with soil and sod irrigation.