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Maintainable Height

If you have ever met a Hopkins, you know we always recommend keeping a tree at a maintainable height. A maintainable height can mean a variety things to many people. Many mango and avocado groves keep their trees at a height of 15-to-20 feet. There is no reason to have a tree 40-to-60-feet tall. At a maintainable height, a tree can be protected from cold if necessary, and the fruit can be harvested with relative ease.

Maintaining a tree at a particular size requires training the tree when small. If you let your tree get large and then want it to be smaller, it could be damaging or deadly to the tree.

Trimming is a continual process. The timing of the trimming is crucial so as not to disturb the fruiting process for the following year. To maintain a tree at a certain height, cut the top out of it when it gets to the desirable height. Keep in mind that where you cut the branches is where new growth will emerge.