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Alternate names: Bay Leaf in Jamaica

Family: Myrtaceae

Height 20’ Width 15’

Flower Time: Spring

Harvest Time: March - April Light: Full sun

Soil: Moist well drained

Planting and care instructions

Native to: West Indies

Temperature before freezing: Mature 27˚ Young 32˚

Rate of Growth: Moderate to fast

Salt Tolerance: Good

Fruit Description: The fruit of the Bay Rum is dark purple when ripe and is sweet and spicy. Remember it is a spice eating too many fresh fruit may not be good.

Tree Description: The Bay Rum tree is upright and slender with dark green glossy leaves.

Uses: The tree makes an excellent specimen or tall hedge maintained about 8’. The leaves have been used in folk remedies for headaches, skin rashes and insect bites as well as the fruit have been dried and ground to use in desserts or in teas and liqueurs. They are also good for use in potpourris. The leaves can be used similarly to Allspice in cooking with meats.

Maintaining tree size: The tree takes pruning well. It would not be a problem to keep this tree trimmed to 6’.

Container plant: Bay Rum makes a good container plant with proper fertilizer and water and repotting when needed.

Problems: Puccinia psidii – eucalyptus rust, guava rust. This rust is identified by spots forming on the leaves and stems. Upon turning the leaf over, fuzzy yellow areas will be seen. If you think you may have this, collect a sample place it into a ziplock bag and take it to your County Extension Service. At their office they will be able to advise you on the proper remedy for this fungus.

Bay Rum Tree

Bay Rum Berries